I’m Gwen.

My idea of a good time is sitting and playing my ukulele for five hours, and singing at the top of my lungs in the shower. I’ve seen Paramore live on four occasions because they’re always in Boston around my birthday (May 14th). Music has eaten up my entire life, and I intend on letting it.

When words find a rhythm, there is more meaning.

Finding precisely the word to describe a feeling is an obsession, but frequently the problem is, more words are needed.

One word will never quite be enough.

Whether lyrics or spoken word poetry, there is a fragile assertiveness found that gives me a strength I cannot find elsewhere.

The difference between wishing for an easy life and

finding meaning in the life you have, is looking for an easy way out.

The grass may look greener on the other side, but

finding ways to keep your head up and cope

makes an individual who they are.

Music has been that saving grace for me.

I can’t disagree;

it calls to me like no other.

I have had lucky opportunities

to learn instruments from a young age

attend concerts

and work at a venue.

I am thankful to have seen so many artists live,

I fully intend on watering that seed.

I consume more music than I do food or water.

Curiosity drives a need to learn, experience, progress, and travel.

Evolution of self is, of course, self-driven—

no one will push you harder to do better than yourself.

Strive to be better than you were yesterday,

and you’re already succeeding.

There are other experiences outside of your lense

broaden your perspectives of the world,

in every aspect from listening to music outside the comfort zone,

to listening to others who lead different lives.

Reconnecting with nature is a necessity,

animals are the best friends a person can have.

Hikes in the White Mountains in the summer,

or swimming in lakes in the summer.

I’ve spent a month camping and caring for children in the woods before.

An avid protector of the environment and the animals who live there.

As some will say, I felt the Bern, and

the sticker on my laptop confirms it.

I will not take it off.

I prefer real facts to “alternative facts” and

think science is something that you can’t politicize.

I’d like my empirical evidence after it’s peer-reviewed.

It’s easiest to keep my focus on the arts.

I understand much about contemporary art history and

Can serenade you five different ways.

I am able to tune into individual sounds in my surroundings.

It’s helpful in music ensembles, recording, and mixing.

Not everyone has their health, and in some families, diseases run strong.

Loss is not a merciful teacher, but you learn much from her lessons

so long as you pay attention. It will make you strong.

Doubt and worry are things all have to manage,

though for some it never abates.

Maybe they are haunted, or

maybe their ghosts are their mentors.

It all depends on perspective.

Relief comes in different forms.

Strong lyrics or spoken words bolster me when

I didn’t think I had the strength to stand on my own.

Without these things or my friends,

I would have been lost to the currents of the rivers of life.

Pushing myself to progress in all ways

To be less ignorant

To be more accepting

To lead more

To believe in myself

To be running through the rain, bare-footed, screaming for joy.

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